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About Srini

Dr. Srinivasan Periathiruvadi (“Srini” to friends) is a Physician and a self taught nature photographer. He started his journey in photography when he was 11 years old(!). After a sabbatical for over 20 years, he got back to serious nature photography in 2006. Like most nature photographers, Srini also started off with long lenses and tele-converters and full frame Nikon bodies. In 2010, he had the urge to move away from the long lenses and started seeing the nature through wider lenses. and started documenting “Wildscapes”. He has explored the Indian and African wilderness, The Himalaya, Arctic and Antarctic. Srini is an extraordinary and a passionate photographer of wild life and humorously states "My other side is wild". Wild life is just not about going to the jungles and shooting but in effect the very essence of his life. He won his first recognition in 2007 when three of his images won prizes in a national competition. One of his images found the way in to the “Daily Dozen” of National Geography in 2010. Srini prints large format images of his creations using Epson printers, thus controls from conceptualisation to creation.

He had his first solo exhibition in 2012 at Lalit Kala Akademi and the second in 2016 at Amethyst. Both were well recognised by the photographic community and public. Srini donates all his creations to Chennai based Jeevan Stem Cell Foundation which is enabling quick and affordable or free access to matching stem cells from donated cord blood and bone marrow donors to Indian children with blood cancers and Thalassemia.

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If you are interested in buying a print of any of the images, do send me a mail to drpsrinivasan (at) gmail.com 

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